Zombie Quiz and Interview with Mia Celeste, Author of OTHER THAN

We are super excited to be part of the Book Tour for OTHER THAN, a thrilling gaslamp fantasy by Mia Jo Celeste. The new audiobook version is now available. Check it out!
Other Than Tour Graphic

I requested for an interview with the author, but the Zombie Quiz sounds so much fun and interesting that I’m featuring it here too! Do remember to check out the interview below.

But first, ZOMBIE QUIZ!

How much do you know about zombies? Will your knowledge help you survive in a zombie apocalypse? Take this quiz and find out. It’s true or false, so you have a good chance of getting more than half right.

1. The belief in zombies came from African traditions brought to Haiti.
2. Haitians believed that zombies were reanimated corpses.
3. Zombies will eat anything, but they prefer hearts and brains.
4. Legends have it that zombies had no free will. They were under the control of the Vodou witch or shaman, who created them.
5. White Zombie, featuring Bela Lugosi, made in 1932 was one of the final zombie movies.
6. In most Hollywood zombie movies, you need to shoot the undead creature in the head to stop it.
7. Loud noises frighten off zombies.
8. Humans usually catch the zombie infection from a zombie’s blood.
9. Typically, zombies don’t breathe or have a heartbeat.
10. The best defense against a horde of zombies is to taunt them. It will hurt their feelings.

Answers Below, after the Tour Schedule.
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Check out this audiobook cover for Other Than by Mia Jo Celeste!

Other Than
Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy, Paranormal Historical Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: January 27, 2017
Other Than #PNR A purgatory as dangerous as Dr. Moreau’s Island with zombies and romance.
It only takes one drink from the Water of Immortality to kill Evie Woods—halfway. Trapped in undead flesh, the world’s last skin-slider wakens on an island purgatory where a cursed spring bubbles with immortality, and zombie cannibals crave living flesh.
Her only hope of escape rests in the hands of the one man who would see her fail. Bound to her by cords stronger than death, Lord Victor Lowell is both the man of her dreams, and her darkest nightmares. Contrary and intractable, Victor preys on others to maintain his angelic charisma and preternatural prowess. Drawn to the compellingly gallant and vulnerable soul behind his mercurial humors, Evie can only watch as protecting her forces Victor to sacrifice yet more of himself to the ancient evil long tethered to his soul.
Trapped in an ever-escalating war they can’t stop, Victor and Evie fight time for a cure, but as the long days pass blackness tears at Evie, ripping her thoughts from her one memory at a time. Victor will to do whatever it takes to prevent her from deteriorating into a rotting husk, even if it means dooming himself, but Evie won’t surrender his soul without a fight. Battle lines drawn, the soul mates resolve to find redemption or die trying.

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New Release: Ravenous Innocence by Myra Danvers

Ravenous Innocence Tour Graphic
Ravenous Innocence
Series: The Last Tritan Book 1
Genre: Adult Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Publication Date: February 1, 2019
His people took everything from me, and Goddess be damned if I won’t take it back.
“I’ll be good to you,” he purred and swept his thumb over my pendant, caressing. His ki surged into my mind, hammering at me with a soothing promise, abusing the link he’d left behind with a kiss. “You’ll never want for anything…”
Asher promises to teach me the forbidden while my city—my home—burns at his back. Because of him, Tritan falls, and the Caledonian forces take the best of my people for their own sick uses.
To fight, those of us who remain must flee. Regroup, or submit.
But he’s coming, hunting me, and Asher won’t stop until I wear his mark. Until my goddess-given power is his to command.
He’s tasted my lips and fed me nothing but lies, but his betrayal has given me strength even he didn’t expect.
His people took everything from me, and Goddess be damned if I won’t take it back.

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Bloggers Beware: My Second DMCA Notice…and Third and Fourth…and Counting

Update March 13, 2019:

I’ve since received two other DMCA notices, one from Sabrina Jeffries and another from Cassandra Dean. Forgive me if I don’t post snippets anymore of the notices, as it’s time I don’t want to waste. You can hit me up for them if you want. Post in comment below.

My thoughts:

1. I don’t see what I did wrong. I merely used the book cover of these authors as a graphic for the review of their books, introducing their new book or in commenting about covers. NOWHERE DID I SAY that I am the owner or cover artist or that I own the book cover. *color me baffled* So where did I go wrong that I would be served a DMCA notice?
2. Don’t these authors appreciate free publicity?
3. Well, since they don’t, I’m going to remove all previous posts I’ve made on them and their books.
4. I’m certainly not going to waste time on them anymore. DMCA notices, even receiving it for the 4th time, don’t get any easier.
5. It also means I’m not going to post anything more on these authors, nor even read or review their books. With the thousands of books being published each month, I daresay I’ve got a lot of choices of reading material.
6. So authors I’m boycotting (and counting):

a. Elise K Ackers
b. Sabrina Jeffries
c. Cassandra Dean

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New Release: Salvaging Truth by Joanne Jaytanie

Salvaging Truth Tour Graphic
Salvaging Truth
Series: Hunters & Seekers Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Suspense, Military Action, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: January 31, 2019
The world could be transformed if Riley can only stay alive long enough.
Most parents leave you a house, a car, or money when they die. Riley’s mom left her a treasure hunt with a mysterious payoff. Now everyone seems to want a piece of Riley and her inheritance: the university, the military, mega corporations, and Russian spies.
Riley needs help to solve her mother’s murder, and Dagger Easton’s salvage and investigation company comes to her rescue. Retired SEAL, private eye, and leader of a diving and salvage team, Dagger promises to protect Riley with his life. But as the value of her mother’s research becomes clear, Riley begins to believe there’s no one she can trust—not with her life, her heart, or her mother’s legacy.

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Interview with Tara Fox Hall, Author of Year of the Demon

Year of the Demon
Series: Unhallowed Love Book 2
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Melange Books
Publication Date: February 19, 2019
Will a demon-hunting priest and a wizard bent on world dominion end Shaker’s happiness with his human Mistress Debbie?
CEO Debbie and demon Shaker’s first year of partnership was a smashing success for both Pandora Productions and their own new intimate relationship, ending with the announcement of their engagement last New Year’s Eve. Shaker now inhabits a human host, Pandora’s rising action star Jett Black, putting the possibility of a family within Debbie’s tentative grasp as the couple pledges their love at the altar. But as before, one crisis after another ensues, beginning with Titan’s push to assimilate Pandora and the death of Debbie’s father, bringing her back together with her estranged family, and into the sights of a demon-hunting priest, Father Matthew, who will stop at nothing to not only send Shaker back to the Hell he came from, but also ensure Debbie is free of sin…permanently. When Shaker is sent back to Hell, Debbie is left bereft, her team of allies decimated, her best friend in a coma, she must decide if she will succumb…or rise from the ashes and fight ruthlessly for everything she loves, no matter the cost.


Thank you, Tara, for coming to visit us at ROMANCING THE BOOKS AND MORE! Now, let’s get on with it, as I’m sure readers are itching to know about you and your latest book, Year of the Demon.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for Unhallowed Love? How are the books connected?

A Good Year grew out of a short horror story I dreamed called Invisible Stings merged that with another dream-story titled Revenge about a film executive getting supernatural revenge on her enemies. My mother wanted a new story about Shaker, the key demon mentioned in the final books of my paranormal Promise Me series, so I made him the demon of the tale. After reading, she wanted to know “what happens next?” so I decided to expand the story, using a chapter for each month. So a short story became a book which then became the Unhallowed Love Series, with book three Year of the Incubus already in progress. The books feature the same characters, centering on the key couple of demon Shaker and his human Mistress, Debbie.

Q: Why did you design the series as a continuing series of books with the same couple instead of a series where each book features a different couple? Continue reading

New Release: To Gamble on an Earl by Diane Dario

To Gamble on an Earl Tour Graphic
To Gamble on an Earl
Series: Men of Waterloo Book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Nazzaro and Price
Publication Date: January 18, 2019
Can Phoebe and Foxington overcome the odds against them to gamble one more time for love?
Evan, The Earl Of Foxington, had only one mistress, Lady Luck. When she deserted him at the Battle Of Hougomont, he was left scarred in more ways than one. Lady Phoebe Collins has loved Foxington since she and her best friend, his sister, dogged his footsteps as children. When she received a request from him for a tryst at a ball, what seemed to be the answer to her dreams turned out to be a nightmare. Will Foxington be able to overcome the thrill of gambling to earn Phoebe’s trust? Will Phoebe ever learn to feel safe enough to live again?

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