Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Not what I expected

2015-12-22 00.59.30I saw that cover with the big chunk of cookie dough (the lump on top) and at the bottom a scoop of ice cream that was more cookie dough than vanilla ice cream. Despite my lactose intolerance, when I saw this–COOKIE DOUGH–I decided to risk it. Cookie dough is my absolute favorite!! I figure I’d eat a spoonful of ice cream a day, with a big chunk of cookie dough. That’ll make my day. But seriously, I like vanilla ice cream, so even if the vanilla ice cream and the cookie dough are in equal parts, like 50-50, I’m fine.

I bought the smallest size there was. I may be willing to risk it, but I’m not a fool.

I opened the cover, prepared to savor my one spoonful that day…

…to discover that there are only a few small chunks of cookie dough scattered around.

What! That wasn’t what I was in for. Needless to say, I feel cheated. I feel like a gopher or those small animals digging in the ground, but in my case, I was digging for cookie dough amidst all the white vanilla ice cream.

So, if you’re like me, be warned!