Bloggers Beware: My Second DMCA Notice…and Third and Fourth…and Counting

Update March 13, 2019:

I’ve since received two other DMCA notices, one from Sabrina Jeffries and another from Cassandra Dean. Forgive me if I don’t post snippets anymore of the notices, as it’s time I don’t want to waste. You can hit me up for them if you want. Post in comment below.

My thoughts:

1. I don’t see what I did wrong. I merely used the book cover of these authors as a graphic for the review of their books, introducing their new book or in commenting about covers. NOWHERE DID I SAY that I am the owner or cover artist or that I own the book cover. *color me baffled* So where did I go wrong that I would be served a DMCA notice?
2. Don’t these authors appreciate free publicity?
3. Well, since they don’t, I’m going to remove all previous posts I’ve made on them and their books.
4. I’m certainly not going to waste time on them anymore. DMCA notices, even receiving it for the 4th time, don’t get any easier.
5. It also means I’m not going to post anything more on these authors, nor even read or review their books. With the thousands of books being published each month, I daresay I’ve got a lot of choices of reading material.
6. So authors I’m boycotting (and counting):

a. Elise K Ackers
b. Sabrina Jeffries
c. Cassandra Dean


Original post: October 2018

My 2nd DMCA notice, and it doesn’t get any easier receiving one. This time it’s from WordPress, and again, I was shocked and angry and upset. To my knowledge, I hadn’t done anything wrong. And I maintain it.

What is it with authors and publishers that they’re so trigger happy to send DMCA notices to bloggers? Doesn’t anyone know you can email bloggers (if an email address is available) or comment on any post on their blog and they’ll receive the comment and respond accordingly?

Here’s the post in question:

The post was written in 2-thousand-freakin’-5!

I guess they can’t take criticism, which was the reason for the DMCA notice. I bet if I’d written a glowing review, I wouldn’t have received one.

The irony is that I’ve in fact read the book and the review was glowing, but I reviewed it for another site. Maybe I’ll re-post the review here but WITHOUT the cover. (ROFL)

Here are snippets of the DMCA notice:

I do have to commend WordPress, in that they investigated the complaint and made their own judgement about it. I appreciate them fighting for my post (free speech, yay!). I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not sure if this is common practice for the author/publisher’s lawyer to just send DMCA notices to all their perceived copyright violators instead of emailing us and requesting us to take down the book cover like any normal human being would as a first step. It’s called communication, in case you were absent when this word was being taught in class.

After processing everything, which took a day or five, here’s what I’ve decided to do:

  1. I’m not taking down that post. How lucky is it that I can spot two covers featuring the same stock photo? In all my years of blogging, I was only able to do two such posts.
  2. But what I’m going to do is to remove the cover of Dear Stranger from the post. Since that’s what they wanted me to do anyway. You know, remove the cover since I apparently don’t have the permission of the copyright holder, who is Elise K Ackers.
  3. I’m not sure whose lawyer filed the complaint–it could be Escape Publishing or the author Elise K Ackers, but I’ve decided I don’t want to run afoul of them anymore in the future. I can’t afford the time to take down book covers from posts done ages ago or the shock of receiving yet another DMCA takedown notice. So what this is means is simple–I’m not going to read or review any more books by Escape Publishing or Elise K Ackers.

Such a pity, too, because I like her books. Oh well. Life throws you lemons sometimes and you just gotta learn to let them roll past.

Oh, and don’t all bad things come in three’s? I’m waiting for my 3rd DMCA notice, and there’s plenty of time before the year ends…

2 thoughts on “Bloggers Beware: My Second DMCA Notice…and Third and Fourth…and Counting

  1. WOW….I have never received a DMCA one before. It shocks me that Sabrina Jeffries was one though, and makes me so mad as well. The other two authors I haven’t read and will never read now!! I am so sorry you have had to deal with that. Thanks for bringing awareness about this. Truly appreciate you.


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