Three Chapter Test: Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch

The Three Chapter Test was created due to the mountain of books I have in my Kindle, and because in contrast to that, there’s so little time. So, in order to get to the books that I want to read, or that intrigue me and capture my imagination and attention, I decided to do a Three Chapter Test on the books. Meaning, I must read at least the first 3 chapters or 17% of the book, whichever comes first, in order to make a more or less informed judgement on whether to continue or to abandon.

I’m not really a big fan of mysteries, but I joined a book tour and decided to review this book after reading an excerpt from it somewhere.

Title: Stormy Weather
Author: Glen Ebisch
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Mystery

Plus Points:

  1. The story began with some action, and already, we are drawn into the story and to Stormy’s plight–that of being awakened at an ungodly hour. Which brings me to…
  2. Relatable heroine. Her fear, her erupting due to being helpless, we all know how that feels and we sympathize with her. We want to know she’ll be okay!
  3. Chance Malone, the hero, is intriguing! I don’t know about Stormy, but I wouldn’t mind getting to know him better.
  4. The author’s prose is easy to read and his manner of writing is engaging. The writing of some male authors are rather dry, i.e. not much emotion, too much narrative on the action, etc, but that is not the case here!
  5. The POV is first person, which is not my favorite, but you know what, it didn’t bother me here. So definitely a plus point!
  6. Then of course, there’s the mystery of Travis’s murder. Who killed him? Why? Why did he/she frame Stormy? Did he/she have something against Stormy too?

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Review: Proving Ground by Stanalei Fletcher


Interesting and unique

PROVING GROUND is an interestingly unique suspense read. True, there are the inevitable surveillance and chase of the bad guys, the running out of time for the good guys, but this is the first time that I’ve read about running from an environmental threat like a forest fire.

Caitlin’s inexperience caused her to botch her first assignment, and her boss ordered her to go home to her father, with whom she had a falling-out. Since she wished to keep her job, she had no choice but to follow orders, only to find that her father was hospitalized earlier that day. Her relationship with her father wasn’t good, and there was some misunderstanding with Mac (her childhood friend and the man she loved) that wasn’t yet resolved, and so she decided to join the biker rally that Jack (the hero’s uncle) had invited her to in order to clear her head. Continue reading

Review: Romantic Road by Blair McDowell


ROMANTIC ROAD presents a fresh, unique concept that caught me by surprise, yet I couldn’t help laughing at the sheer naughtiness of it.

When Lacy Telchev’s husband died, he sent her on a quest to retrieve chapters of his latest, inflammatory manuscript that he left with previous lovers, thus setting her out on a “romantic road”. The cheek of that man! Yet, from what Lacy and the other women revealed, that is soooo Igor that they couldn’t help but be charmed and can only laugh. Along the way, she was pursued by bad guys, was kidnapped and hurt. Will Lacy come out of this alive? Moreover, what will it mean to Lacy when the truth about Igor’s past is revealed? Continue reading