Series: London Steampunk by Bec McMaster

I love this series! I read books #1.5 to #5 in one go! That’s how addictive it was.






Back tracking a little, there was once a series by a well-known author that shall forever be nameless that everyone was all hyped up about and I had somehow missed the boat because when I knew about her, she was already on book #8 or #9. So, I thought, wow, lots of books to catch up on without having to wait for the next one! Yippee! I started with book #1, moved on to #2, then #3…and somehow, I couldn’t read further. While the names changed, the plot of the books was somehow…the same. Continue reading


Review: Of Silk and Steam by Bec McMaster


Yet another winner for Bec McMaster! She continues to deliver and more in this exciting culmination to the London Steampunk series!

Lady Aramina, Duchess of House Casavian, swore revenge on the man who killed her father. And this man is the Duke of Caine, and if she could hurt him through his son Leo Barrons, so much the better. Yet, she couldn’t deny the attraction between them, and when incriminating evidence against Leo fell into her hands, would she use them to finally have her vengeance?

Mina is a wonderful heroine; she’s delightfully strong and endearingly baffled at the effect Leo has on her. Having waited for Leo’s story for so long, I’m glad to see him have a perfect match in Mina. And if Leo catches your imagination before, you’ll find yourself totally destroyed in this book. He’s the epitome of every young girl’s dream; while exuding Continue reading