Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Not what I expected

2015-12-22 00.59.30I saw that cover with the big chunk of cookie dough (the lump on top) and at the bottom a scoop of ice cream that was more cookie dough than vanilla ice cream. Despite my lactose intolerance, when I saw this–COOKIE DOUGH–I decided to risk it. Cookie dough is my absolute favorite!! I figure I’d eat a spoonful of ice cream a day, with a big chunk of cookie dough. That’ll make my day. But seriously, I like vanilla ice cream, so even if the vanilla ice cream and the cookie dough are in equal parts, like 50-50, I’m fine.

I bought the smallest size there was. I may be willing to risk it, but I’m not a fool.

I opened the cover, prepared to savor my one spoonful that day…

…to discover that there are only a few small chunks of cookie dough scattered around.

What! That wasn’t what I was in for. Needless to say, I feel cheated. I feel like a gopher or those small animals digging in the ground, but in my case, I was digging for cookie dough amidst all the white vanilla ice cream.

So, if you’re like me, be warned!

Fun at the Singapore Night Festival

At Singapore’s Night Festival held over 2 weekends in the last two weeks of August, my friends and I went to join in the fun. There were a ton of activities, and we’re only sorry we couldn’t get to see them all.

On the first Saturday, we watched the Anooki show, which celebrates Singapore’s 50th birthday. It’s a fun show, both adults and children love it, and it’s best watched in person. 🙂 However, here’s a taste:

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