Excerpt from ARCHANGEL’S HEART by Nalini Singh


Raphael’s response was silent, his wing brushing hers as he . . .

“Raphael!” The damn archangel had dusted her.

Glittering, sparkly stuff stuck to her, delicious beyond compare when she parted her mouth and it licked onto her tongue. Her thighs clenched. “This is not funny!” She glared at him even as arousal flooded her system, but he was laughing too hard to care.

Her heart, it just stopped.

Even now, the Archangel of New York rarely laughed and never like this. Until she could see the youth he must’ve once been, with eyes of a wild, astonishing blue that asked a woman to laugh with him. She’d never before seen him as truly young. How could she? He had so much power that it pulsed in his every touch, burned in his skin.

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Quote from My Favorite Book: Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh

“I’m the hunter,” Elena reminded him. “I should go first.”
“Of course you may go first. When I am dead.”


[Elena] Raphael, in case you’re getting ideas – I won’t be this civilized if you decide you need a concubine. In fact, it’s a good bet I’ll turn homicidal.
He didn’t look up from his conversation with Astaad as he said, A pity, in that cool “Archangel” tone of his. I will now have to ask the pilot to empty the hold of my chosen females.
[Elena] We’re going to have to talk about this new sense of humor of yours. Continue reading

Review: Archangel’s Consort by Nalini Singh


ARCHANGEL’S CONSORT continues where Archangel’s Kiss left off, about 3 to 4 months after the stunning fight that left Beijing a crater.

Here, we see Elena and Raphael continue to develop and build the foundation of their relationship. Raphael still continues to push at boundaries, but Elena more than held her ground on those things that she felt are very important to her. Aside from that, however, they have to deal with the effects of Raphael’s mother possibly rising from her Sleep, and the effects are felt worldwide–weather disturbances, earthquakes, tsunami, vampires running rampant, and Raphael in the grip of a rage that Elena had never seen before and that left her terrified and fighting for her Archangel. Continue reading

Review: Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh


ARCHANGEL’S KISS continues from where Angels’ Blood left off with Elena waking from her year-long coma (I prefer to think of it as healing sleep) to rise as a newly-made angel. Wow.

Didn’t see that coming, right?

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Review: Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh


I’ve heard so much about this series, and ANGELS’ BLOOD far surpassed my expectations! Two thumbs up!

Elena Devereaux, Guild Hunter extraordinaire, was contracted by Raphael, Archangel of New York, to hunt for an archangel gone rogue. While Elena is very good at her job, this is one time she may be in over her head…

Elena is strong, smart, gutsy. She’s got a lot of backbone to be able to stand up to Raphael, who of course admires warrior women. She doesn’t back down from him, especially on things that are important to her, and perhaps that’s what draws Raphael to her, because as a powerful archangel who’s lived for fifteen hundred years, I imagine most humans, vamps and angels are too terrified to say anything against him. One thing that endears Elena to me is her sense of wonder whenever she sees angel wings, and how beautiful she finds them. It makes her relatable, more human and less of that lethal, deadly hunter. Continue reading

Review: Angels’ Flight by Nalini Singh


As I understand it, the only new novella in this book is Angels’ Dance, as the other three novellas have previously been printed in other anthologies. As for me, I’ve only read Angels’ Judgement before in another anthology and it’s been some time ago, so reading this book for me is like opening a new book and experiencing the adventures for the first time.

Angels’ Pawn is a short novella about Janvier and Ashwini, when they worked together on a case, and definitely before Archangel’s Shadows. You can feel the chemistry sizzling between them, but what struck me the most is Janvier’s feelings (or starting to feel) for Ash. It’s there in the way he’s protective of her, and in how he made clear that he wants her, even if she didn’t reciprocate in words. It would probably be good to read this before reading their full length story in Archangel’s Shadows, which I can’t wait to read! Continue reading

Series: Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh

I came to this series late, but hey, better late than never! I’ve read the first six books in the series, and I can say that this is a phenomenal paranormal series, quite unlike any other in the market.


Series Overview:

Archangels rule the world. They are powerful, immense beings, with the knowledge of centuries in their eyes.  And of course, aside from power, each one of them is beautiful. They are called the Cadre, and there are ten of them. At the start of the series, anyway. Below the archangels are the angels, vamps and humans. And they’re not the kind of angels you and I know. The vampires here have a different origin and their place in the universe has a bit of variation as well. Continue reading