Review: Dear Jane by Marissa Clarke


DEAR JANE is a funny, laugh-out-loud yet sexy romantic read!

For some reason, Jane Dixon couldn’t get a second date. All her first dates end in disaster. So, she was happy when colleague Eric Blackwell says that any guy would be ecstatic to get a date with her and promised to set her up with his friends. Too bad Eric himself didn’t seem to be interested.

Eric is more than interested, but there’s a non-fraternization clause at the office, plus, Jane seem to see him only as a friend…

I love the story’s slow build-up, how Eric and Jane became friends even as Eric sets her up on dates, and the “debriefing” after each date, which was hilarious. And then, I love how hot they are together, how their chemistry just sizzled. All is not smooth sailing, but I love what Eric did to win her back. Marissa Clarke is a new-to-me author, and I’m definitely watching out for her next books!

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Review: Atrophy by Jess Anastasi


I’ve not read a lot of space opera (if that is what it’s called) or romantic science fiction/futuristic books, but ATROPHY is captivating, page-turning and has layers deep of story than what readers can glimpse from the blurb.

Tannin Everette was sent to Erebus (a prison planet) for a crime he didn’t commit. For twelve years, he was on good behavior and diligently volunteered in the admin complex for the opportunity to escape. Not that it was easy, because no one ever escaped Erebus successfully. His chance came when war hero Rian Sherron’s ship docked in Erebus for repairs and, due to a good turn he did her, Zahli (Rian’s sister) helped him stow away on their ship.

However, he wasn’t truly free because he would always be a hunted man. What kind of future could he give to Zahli? Continue reading

Review: Merry Christmas Mrs. Robinson by Delilah Marvelle


MERRY CHRISTMAS, MRS. ROBINSON is a sweet historical romance of second chances.

Jane thought she’d found her Mister X, the man who wrote her the passionate letters, in Philip and married him. She was distraught when she realized he’d been lying to her all along, and when tragedy struck, she withdrew from the world. Until one day, eight years later, Martin appeared in her life, Martin her childhood friend, Martin who left her without saying even a word of goodbye. And he shattered her world once again when he revealed that he was Mister X. Even as her head reeled, she had a hard time reconciling this big, mature man with the lanky, shy, quiet boy she’d once knew… Continue reading

Review: The Royal Conquest by Stacy Reid


THE ROYAL CONQUEST is raw, gritty and powerful, and yet, quite unexpectedly, it is also charming and endearing.

After suffering a betrayal from a lord of the haute monde, Payton Peppiwell distrusts the lot of them. She longs for an ordinary life with an ordinary man, and she thought she’d found this in Mikhail Konstantinovich, who presented himself as a duke’s man of affairs and horse breeder. And even though she knew her family would not approve of him, she couldn’t help but be drawn to him. Unbeknownst to her, Mikhail is no ordinary man or lord, but a prince… Continue reading

Review: Lost in Geeklandia by E.J. Russell


You know it’s a good book if you can’t stop reading. Seriously, I keep telling myself just one more chapter because I need to work and before I know it, I’m in Chapter Eight, 1/3 of the way through the book! It’s that addictive and compelling.

Charlie has prepared for all her life to work in Anthony Global Systems (AGS), and just when her chance arrives, she has to prove she’s the perfect candidate for the job by demonstrating that her Love Program worked–on herself. Love Program is a program that searches for perfect matches of couples, in whatever stage they happen to be in at that moment, based on their internet footprints and social media. And the challenge is that she has to make Daniel, her one-time best buddy turned enemy, into her boyfriend… Continue reading

Review: Finding Perfect by Kendra C. Highley


FINDING PERFECT is a satisfying friends-to-lovers story, and that’s saying a lot, since this is my favorite trope to read.

On Paige’s “D”oomsday, that is, the day she got a D in AP Calculus, thereby possibly derailing her plans to get into her dad’s alma mater, she almost had a breakdown. She’s been the perfect student all this while and a perfect daughter besides, fulfilling her parents’ expectations of her thus far. She hires Ben to tutor her, who wanted Paige to introduce him and get a date with her best friend Zoe. A bargain was struck, and in the process, Paige found herself having feelings for Ben…but what chance did she have against her more beautiful, more popular friend? Continue reading