Review: The Last Time I Saw Her by Karen Robards


There’s no rhyme or reason to love, no logic that follows its meandering path. Therefore, even though I have some problems with this story and the great suspension of disbelief the author requires from me in this last installment of the Dr. Charlotte Stone Series, but simply because I loooooove Charlie and Michael so much, I’m giving this a 5 star rating!

Charlie hadn’t seen Michael for 17 days since he was taken away from her (book #3, Her Last Whisper), so when she saw this stranger standing at Michael’s grave site, she just had to see who it was and her heart almost stopped upon seeing his face. Michael! No, there were subtle differences, maybe visible only to her, but that person definitely wasn’t Michael. Who was he? Possibly the real Southern Slasher? Continue reading


Series: Dr. Charlotte Stone Series by Karen Robards

I am not a fan of ghost romances, probably because the HEA is highly improbable. I’ve read several in the past, when I just read any book I can get my hands on, but no one book left a lasting impression.

Now, Karen Robards fans, please don’t blow your top at what I’m about to say next. I’ve read plenty of Karen Robards books as well, and the book I really like before the Dr. Charlotte Stone Series came onto the scene is Scandalous. (I’ve yet to read the next two books in the historical romance Banning Sisters series though.) That said, I thought her romantic suspense books are just normal, average suspense books, none that leave a lasting impression. (Unlike Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan, who is obsessed with finding her daughter’s bones and not finding them after each book. I eventually grew tired of chasing after that series and gave it up as well.)

However, I must say the author stumbled upon a winning combination in the Dr. Charlotte Stone Series.






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