Review: It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday


I don’t usually give 2 stars, especially when it’s a trope that I love–best friend’s brother to lovers. But there’s just something so wrong with this book that I didn’t enjoy reading it at all. I even flipped the pages just so I could get to the end, and even then, it wasn’t satisfying at all.

The role reversal was refreshing though–Noah was the serial monogamist, while Wendy didn’t believe in relationships–but even that failed to save this story.

So, what went wrong?
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Cover Love: It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday

I love this cover! I haven’t opened the virtual pages yet, and this cover already has me salivating and itching to get into it.

Why does this cover catch my attention?

  1. The book features an Asian heroine and the cover reflects that.
  2. I love that the two of them looks to be having fun and enjoying their togetherness, and if I know Jenny Holiday, the story would reflect that, too.
  3. Oooh, the guy!
  4. I love the mix of colors that result in a cover that is visually appealing!

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Review: One and Only by Jenny Holiday


Another superb offering from Jenny Holiday!

It’s no secret that I love Jenny Holiday’s books (49th Floor Novels). So it’s an auto-reflex to snatch this one up, especially when the hero and heroine promised to deliver sparks of the clashing kind. I’m happy to report that the author exceeds expectations and more. Jenny Holiday is a superb storyteller and she presents the romantic journey of Cam and Jane in a clear manner that is every bit as thrilling and fulfilling as her previous books. Not only do Cam and Jane develop as a couple, but their individual ARCs were fulfilled as well.

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