Happy New Year!


My Blog

I’ve been sadly neglectful of my blog lately. With my full and busy life, I find I can’t really keep up with updating this blog with *all* the books I’ve read and review, so I’m changing it to:

  1. Posting only books and reviews that I really like! (I mean, what’s the point of posting about books that I hate?)
  2. Posting about stuff that interests me. (I mean, if I come across something some day. Like, when the news about Perfect Pitch 3 came out, or when Illuminae was going to be made into a movie. How about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child–and then to find out that it’s a freakin’ script!!! Not a book!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………. Things like that.)
  3. Oh and yes, about FOOD (one of the greatest pleasures in life)
  4. And movies

Okay, that’s about it.

Binging on Books (and Food)

I went to the library a few days ago and got some books to binge over the holidays (along with food, of course!) What are holidays without food? Food for the soul and food for the body. 🙂

So, here they are. I realized I mostly got YA books


And here’s the lone fantasy


When I think of how many books I got/read from the library, I wonder how I survived without libraries before. And that’s for the first 30 years of my life. It’s a good thing though to have friends who read the same type of books as you do, coz that’s what I did then–buy books and swap books with friends, especially when we were still studying and funds were limited.

Anyway, happy holidays to everyone, and may they be filled with good friends and family, sumptuous food and great books!

Cleaning Up & Joining Reading Alley’s Review Challenge

I think I bit off more than I can chew with regards to the challenges I joined. So, I’ve decided to drop all challenges except for the 100 Books A Year and the Read Wider Challenge. Next year, I’ll be more circumspect instead of looking at each challenge as “Oooh, shiny! I want!”

That said, I’ve registered for Reading Alley’s Year-End Review Challenge. Why?

  1. They provide the stats of what books I’ve read and reviewed, so I know how many I still need to review to meet the goal. (That really helps for busy people! And yes, I’m just lazy that way.)
  2. Goal is achievable. Especially for busy people like me. ‘Nuff said.
  3. Rewards! I know I’m too old for this, I mean, I should do some things not because I’m being rewarded but because it’s the right thing to do, but… yeah, rewards are good. It says, “people appreciate what I’m doing”.

So, join me at Reading Alley’s Year-End Review Challenge! If you’re not a member at Reading Alley yet, why not?

RA_Banner_Rev_Challenge lg lightgray2 with border

Hey, book lovers! #SaveTheDate for an awesome #TRRparty

Based on previous parties, there were prizes galore–books, GCs, etc. I also got to know a lot of new authors and their books, some which I might not have heard or known about were it not for the party. Needless to say, my TBR pile increased significantly by the time the party ended. (My credit card protested, but well, what can it do? I’m the boss here. LOL)

I can’t wait ’till March gets here! If you love Romance, you shouldn’t miss this!