Review: 50 Hours by Loree Lough


50 HOURS is a powerful, uplifting story about hope, friendship, love, courage, and the amazing resiliency of the human spirit.

Franco’s life changed the moment he served his 50 hours community service at Savannah Falls Hospice. Before that, he was an angry man who grieved his wife’s death, especially on the day of her death anniversary. When he arrived at the hospice, he was determined to keep his head down and finish his service so he could get on with his life. But the moment he heard a woman (Aubrey) being bullied, he couldn’t help but go to her aid, despite it being unwanted and could potentially get himself in trouble (entering a resident’s room is against the rules).

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Three Chapter Test: The Wrong Kind of Compatible by Kadie Scott

The Three Chapter Test was created due to the mountain of books I have in my Kindle, and because in contrast to that, there’s so little time. So, in order to get to the books that I want to read, or that intrigue me and capture my imagination and attention, I decided to do a Three Chapter Test on the books. Meaning, I must read at least the first 3 chapters or 17% of the book, whichever comes first, in order to make a more or less informed judgement on whether to continue or to abandon.

So, here goes:

Title: The Wrong Kind of Compatible
Author: Kadie Scott
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Plus Points:

  1. The book features geeks! Both hero and heroine are computer geeks! It can’t get any better than that.
  2. Drew Kerrigan is a hot geek! ‘Nuff said.
  3. Cassie, the heroine, is funny and delightful and engaging. I love her no brains-to-mouth filter–on paper. Not sure how I’d find it if I had a friend like that in real life.
  4. Love Drew and Cassie’s banter, especially the double entendre, whether intentional or not.

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More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer

I loved Brigid Kemmerer’s LETTERS TO THE LOST (click on link to read the review), and when I saw that she has a new book coming on March 2018, I can’t help but squee! The hero, Rev Fletcher, is Declan’s (hero of Letters to the Lost) friend.

Here’s the cover, featured in HEA USA Today:

And there’s also an excerpt that made me wish March 2018 is here now!! Read it here.

Can’t wait!!


Character Profile of IAN SYLVESTRY from The Man She Knew by Loree Lough

From Bestselling and Award Winning Author
Loree Lough
Don’t they both deserve a second chance?

I was kinda intrigued by this hero. What happened 14 years ago? What was that one reckless act that cost him everything? How did that act change him in the intervening years hence?

So, here’s the author, Loree Lough, to tell us all about Ian Sylvestry:

On the night of his sixteenth birthday, Chicago born and bred Ian Sylvestry’s parents made an announcement that threw his well-planned life into chaos: They intended to divorce; his mom introduced him to her fiancé, and when his dad’s job transfer was finalized, Ian would go with him to Baltimore. During the next eighteen months, Ian’s resentment simmered, and the boy whose academic and athletic prowess earned the attentions of Ivy League recruiters began making bad choices and keeping bad company, disappointing his parents and Maleah Turner, the one constant in his now-troubled world. On the eve of his mother’s wedding (which he refused to attend), Ian borrowed his dad’s car and took his pals on a joyride; while the guys were in the neighborhood convenience store buying snacks, he called Maleah, who yet again warned him about associating with the older, troubled teens. Hurt, angry, and tired of other people trying to control him, Ian hung up on her…moments before his wide-eyed frenzied pals piled into the car and demanded that he put the pedal to the metal, fast! Continue reading

Review: Love Like the Movies by Victoria Van Tiem


It’s rare to read a book that touches you on so many levels. LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES is more than a rom-com; it’s about love, life and choices–the ones we make and the ones that are forced upon us. And courage, of course.

Kensington Shaw finally has the boyfriend that’s guaranteed to win her battles with her family. Bradley Connors is the one…or so she thinks until her ex, Shane Bennett, comes back into her life. To secure her job, she has to make nice with Shane (who’s hiring her agency), and if it includes living–acting out–movie moments with him, then she’s game. But what happens when these scenes reach inside to rediscover the girl who’s been hiding beneath all these years? Continue reading

Review: Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny by Cindi Madsen


Cindi Madsen takes us on a wild, thrilling ride in CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER PUCK BUNNY, which is unexpectedly fun to read.

Lindsay is a great narrator; I love her voice and her strength, especially the way she turned her life around and made the goal of pursuing her dream. More than her though, I love Ryder, especially the way that Lindsay’s past didn’t matter to him, and that he only wants “her future”. If only more men were like him! Both characters are lovable and relatable, and I kept rooting for them all the way! Continue reading