Excerpt: Leopard’s Daughter by Stephen J Tillman

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Leopard's Daughter
Series: Were-Leopard Series Book 1
Genre: Crime, Fantasy
Publisher: Azure Spider Publications
Publication Date: September 15, 2018
Spine-tingling were-leopard fun
Leopard’s Daughter is a markedly original crime novel with elements of the occult. In a world where vampires and werewolves exist, but are extremely rare, Bobby Sandar, his wife, Olivia, and their two oldest children are were-leopards. Bobby and Olivia are Secret Service agents. Following Bobby’s death, Olivia feels the need for a fresh start. She takes a job as a detective in the sheriff’s department of a rural western county. Olivia’s first assignment is to go undercover as an exotic dancer in a nightclub run by gangsters. She has to battle mobbed-up criminals, a terrorist leader who is aware of Olivia’s history and abilities, and human traffickers to save her family and herself.


Olivia was seated at a table when Lamar Walker shuffled into the interrogation room wearing leg irons and handcuffs. She indicated to his escorts that they should remove his restraints and leave the two of them alone. They were reluctant, but the sheriff had told them to do whatever Olivia wanted.

Walker rubbed his wrists and looked at Olivia with an insolent expression. After about thirty seconds he sat down.

“Just so you know, Walker,” Olivia began, “the cameras and listening devices have been turned off. It’s just us.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Walker said with a sneer.

“I don’t give a shit what you believe. I just want you to know that if I need to put pressure on you, you can’t expect any help from outside.”

“Yeah, right,” Walker said. He grinned as he examined Olivia’s small frame. “Like you could do anything to me.”

“Krockmyer told us that after you killed me, my daughter and her friends were yours to do whatever you wanted with them. What, exactly, did you intend to do?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, bitch,” Walker said. He leaned back in his chair.

Moving so swiftly Walker had no time to react, Olivia reached across the table, grabbed his left wrist and squeezed. He gasped in pain, and tried to pull loose, but was unable to do so. He took a swing at her with his right arm, but she easily parried the blow and slapped him hard, twice, splitting his lip. It began to bleed heavily.

“I’m in kind of a hurry, so I’m not going to be gentle,” Olivia said in an even tone. “I’m prepared to break every bone in your body, if necessary, and, as I said, help will not be arriving. So. Answer the fucking question!”

Walker briefly continued to struggle, to no avail. Olivia slightly increased the pressure on his wrist. He cried out in pain, and said, “Okay, okay! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!”

“What just happened is a love tap compared to what’s coming if you lie to me,” Olivia said, as she released her hold on his arm.

“We met this guy,” Walker started, and stopped. He briefly considered lying. Olivia pulled her lips back, bared her teeth and growled. A wet spot appeared on the front of his trousers. Holy shit! he thought. This little cunt just made me pee my pants. Aloud he said, “What’s in it for me if I tell you?”

“You get to live.”

Walker stared at her and shivered. He told her about the meeting he and Otis Greene had with Alfredo Morgado.

“Where can I find that guy?”

“I don’t know,” Walker replied. Seeing the expression on her face, he quickly added, “I swear to God I don’t know! At first we were just going to, ah, have some fun with the girls, but then we heard there might be serious cash available if we sold them instead. Especially if they were virgins. We can always get laid, so we decided to go for the money. It used to be to sell girls you brought them to Bud Pelleno at The Sensuous Woman. Then that place got shut down. We put the word out in some bars that we had a few girls to sell, and someone called me and told me where to go. One of the guys had a cousin who did it that way.”


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Leopard's Daughter Tour Graphic

About Stephen J. Tillman

Stephen J. Tillman

Stephen Tillman is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Wilkes University, where he taught for forty-two years, and holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Brown University. As most scholars of mathematics, Stephen has always dreamed of writing a novel. Although he started writing fiction relatively late in life, he is still younger than the folk artist Grandma Moses when she began her artistic career. Stephen is an avid reader of mysteries and science fiction and has published short stories in both genres.
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