Interviewing Victoria Lynn Osborne, Author of Green Tunics of Noon

Green Tunics of Noon
Series: The Great Wyrm Saga Book 2
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publisher: Azure Spider Publications
Publication Date: October 1, 2018
Will the daughter of prophecy prevail?
The Daughter of Prophecy has joined with her Regalta. Jarvis’s ships have conquered the lands of men. Now the islands of men are enshrouded in darkness stunting the growth of plants and animals. Supplies flow from Jarvis’s islands, but are they safe? Monsters fill the villages and cities. Are they mutated cannibals of the once peaceful fishermen?
Meanwhile in the land of the syln, Jarvis launches an attack on their biggest food producing island. His new allies pour in, ones that are immune to syln magic. Jarvis struggles to deal with the implications of these supernatural beings.
Can Levet turn the tide against the dragons, or is she hampered by crippling headaches every time she has to defend herself?
Cindar lays eggs by the dozens and already the islands are filled with new terrors. Dragons are appearing on all islands, harassing their defenders or learning from the citizens.
Don’t miss the next exciting book in the Great Wyrm Saga.

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Hi Victoria, thanks for dropping by!

Q: Please tell us something unique about you that we can learn from your bio.

Well I went to a brothel in Nevada as research for a book that is set in a legal brothel. My accountant said that was a first for him.

Q: That’s interesting! What’s your favorite part of writing?

I love revisions. I find that I spend a lot of time polishing my manuscripts and in general really digging deep. I know that a lot of writers like the first draft, and it is exhilarating, but revision is where I find the true art.

Q: What’s the strangest thing you’ve learned while researching a book?

In a legal brothel there is a hall leading up to the parlor and there is a line of really high spike heeled shoes. The girls need to wear these shoes when they are presenting themselves for consideration and when they are actually having sex, but if no one is in the house, they take off the shoes so their feet don’t hurt.

Q: If you could live in one of your stories, which one would you choose and why?

I think I would love to live in Firemountain. It is so exciting with so much happening.

Q: What is your inspiration for the Great Wyrm Saga?

A board game called Wizards. I like the idea of an island kingdom and trying to thwart dragons by doing things like rescuing swans instead of the normal constant battles. Though there are a lot of battles in The Great Wyrm Saga.

Q: I love dragons! Tell us more about the dragons in your story.

The Dragons in The Great Wyrm Saga are antagonists. These are not nice friendly dragons ala Anne McCaffrey, these are fire breathing fiends bent on global domination.

Q: What’s next in the Great Wyrm Saga?

The Third book is “Golden Fields of the Afternoon,” then “Dragons of the Purple Twilight,” and finally “Black Shadows of Night.” There will only be five books in the series. Golden Fields of the Afternoon will really delve into the battle between Syln and Jarvis.

Q: What stories do you wish you had time to write?

Well I would love to write a series of Midgrade fiction around a protagonist who goes into board games. I have the first one outlined and it takes place in the game “Ticket to Ride.” The protagonist goes from game to game trying to stop the antagonist from destroying these game worlds. I want to see kids getting out and playing these board games which are so diverse. It would be fun to write a series about that for middle schoolers. I also have been fascinated with choose your own path stories I would like to write more complex ones for adults. In my copious amount of free time.

Thanks Victoria!

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About Victoria Lynn Osborne

Victoria Lynn Osborne

Victoria Lynn Osborne lives in Southern Oregon with her muse that takes the form of a chubby little demanding house cat. This is her sixth book, she is currently enrolled to get her masters in creative writing.


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