Review: Shake Up by Joyce Palmer


Most of the stories I’ve read are new couples falling in love; hardly do I read about an established couple encountering problems in their marriage and trying to find their way back to each other. So I went into SHAKE UP with an open mind and not a lot of expectations, and I’m happy to say I enjoyed this story a lot.

John and Lacey are great characters, both individually and together as a couple. John came across as a dominant, and he has definite ideas about a woman’s place in his life and household, but when Lacey bucked against this, when she decided to work at the DEA as an undercover agent, the couple ran into problems that might seriously wreck their marriage. However, John and Lacey loved each other too much to give up just like that.

I enjoyed watching them work out the kinks in their marriage, their give-and-take one that I wish more couples would emulate. Although I guess the underlying thing here is their love for each other. This love caused them not to give up on the marriage and on each other, and it made them willing to bend somewhat, to change and to grow, to compromise so that they would still have each other in their lives.

There were some superfluous scenes though that I feel should be left out. Like the skinny-dipping scene. Also, I sure pegged Greg wrongly. I thought he was a decent guy, but knowing that Lacey was still married, he encouraged another guy to hit on her? And there was no repercussion on him afterward? Did I miss something?

There was some bondage and spanking, but it’s pretty tame, so even if you’re not into those, you can safely read SHAKE UP.

Overall, a great look into a second chance for a married couple who are still in deep passionate love for each other years down the road.

Rating: 4 stars

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Lacey Parker’s new position with the DEA earned her career independence. Will vocational freedom be worth the sacrifice of her former boss, the only man she ever loved?

Sheriff Jonathan Parker is less than thrilled with his wife’s new job and the boundaries she’s imposed upon him. He witnesses the danger she faces while trying to take down a brutal drug-dealing killer. He must resist the urge to protect his woman. A concept he finds almost unbearable.

While sexual compatibility alone is not the basis for a healthy relationship, the insatiable lovers struggle through their perspective emotional preconceptions to function as equal partners while an unstable admirer attempts to sabotage their delicate family foundation.

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