Reading Books and Writng Reviews

As a book and romance junkie, I love to read books. Before blogs became popular, I only ever read books. Because ebooks were not around then, and I can only acquire a limited number of books (space and $$$ constraints), beloved books were read over and over. Some became comfort reads, meaning when I’m down or something, I’d just go and read that book or a particular passage or scene and I’d feel a whole lot better.

Books are magical.

But with the popularity of ebooks and blogs, things had changed for me. For good or bad? I’m not sure either. So what are these things?

  1. I hardly re-read books now. Sure, I’ve got books in my keeper shelf (gotta love the Kindle paperwhite, where you can create your own “collections”), but have I re-read any of them since I shelved them there? Not one time.
  2. I couldn’t read a book without wanting to write a review. I used to be able to just enjoy a book, but now, if I don’t write a review, it feels that something is missing.

But no matter how things had changed, one thing remained constant: Books are still magical.


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