Exclusive Interview: Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch

From Multi-Published Mystery Author
Glen Ebisch
A mysterious death involving a meteorologist…
Can she weather the storm brewing in the horizon?
  1. Along with being a writer, you’ve long worked as a professor of philosophy. Do you find philosophy working its way into your stories often?  Or are they two entirely different passions?

I never begin a story with an explicitly philosophical theme or intend to teach anything in the course of the book.  But often when I am done and going over the first draft, I find that broadly philosophical ideas have worked their way into the story as they probably wouldn’t for someone with different training.  I like to think this gives the book greater depth than it otherwise would have had.

  1. Your novel Stormy Weather is one of over twenty you’ve had published in the past two decades. Where do you get all your inspiration?

I think that’s a challenging question for any writer.  It’s something of a mystery to all of us where exactly our inspiration comes from.  For me, I will frequently think of a particular character with a fully realized voice and go on to find a suitable plot. It’s like being introduced to someone and then imagining where you’d like to go with him or her.  Over time, a lot of characters differing in age and gender have appealed to me and generated ideas for stories.  The best I can say is that it’s something that just happens.

  1. What was your inspiration for writing Stormy Weather?

There were several inspirations.  I wanted to write a story about a woman in a very public profession, and since so many television meteorologists are women, I thought that would be a good choice of profession.  I also wanted to write a story where one character was particularly religious and the other was not.  I thought that would be an interesting tension to explore as their relationship deepened.

  1. What is one characteristic of your hero, Chance Malone that would endear him to readers? And something noteworthy—Chance keeps a Bible in his desk drawer. Why?

I think Chance has a number of endearing characteristics.  He has a great sense of humor.  He is intelligent and brave.  And he also has a very strong moral center, which means that he carries through on his commitments. He has a Bible in his desk drawer because he is fundamentally religious.  I wanted to go against type here and have a rather hard-boiled detective who also has a deep religious faith.  He also uses the Bible in a somewhat unique way to help him solve crimes.

  1. What about your heroine, Stormy McCloud? Why would readers sympathize with her, aside from the fact that her colleague’s body was buried in a shallow grave next to her house?

I think many readers can relate to her because she is a typical contemporary career woman who is struggling to be successful in a world where she sometimes meets opposition from male colleagues.  She also has a difficult relationship with her parents, particularly her mother, which gives her ongoing problems.  Finally, she would like to have a lasting relationship with a man who can accept her for who she is, and won’t feel compelled to try to change her.  All of these elements make her sympathetic.

  1. It is inevitable that Chance and Stormy would clash. How do they resolve their difference when they do?

I think the resolution takes place slowly as Stormy realizes that Chance is a reliable person who genuinely wants to help her.  Chance, for his part, comes to see Stormy as someone who has the ability to compromise.  I think you see this in their differences over religion where Stormy agrees to at least give the religious approach to life a fair hearing, and Chance is clearly in love with her regardless of what her final decision may be.

  1. What’s up next for you?

I have a novel coming out in July entitled The Eye of Mumbai (Solstice Press) about a librarian who has a secret life as a jewel thief and what happens to her when she is apprehended by an insurance investigator who needs her services.

Wow, sounds exciting! You surely lead an interesting life. *wink*

Stormy Weather
Glen Ebisch
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: January, 2017
A dead meteorologist leads to stormy weather.
When the body of Travis Lambert, senior meteorologist, is found buried in a shallow grave next to the house of Stormy McCloud, junior meteorologist, things look bad.
The station hires Chance Malone to investigate the murder, but her situation doesn’t improve. Malone is attractive, charming, and funny, all qualities that her past experience with men has led her to avoid. It doesn’t help that Stormy has little interest in religion, while Malone is the unusual detective that keeps a Bible in his desk drawer instead of a bottle of scotch.
When Stormy’s estranged mother appears on the scene, things become even more complicated. As they discover more about the dark secrets of Travis’s life, Stormy is forced to reconsider her view of men, her mother, and her future.
Author Glen Ebisch’s mystery suspense crime novel, Stormy Weather is a first-rate thriller. I found a solid story-line, well-written, with well-developed characters, and plot lines which will hold the readers interest.
– verasbookreviewsandstuff, Amazon Reviewer
This book has quite a bit of mystery of where you reveal each piece a layer at a time. You learn one thing about the victim from his co-workers and then you dig a little deeper and you learn something else.
– Seraphia, Amazon Reviewer

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About Glen Ebisch

Glen Ebisch

Glen Ebisch taught philosophy in college for over twenty-five years and has been writing mysteries for almost as long. He has been fortunate enough to have over twenty published. He lives with his wife in western Massachusetts and now focuses full time on writing, exercise, and travel.
Official website: http://www.glenebisch.com
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