Character Profile of Justin Bertolli from A Mortal Indiscretion by Barbra E. Ross

A Man. A Vampire. A love story.
Book Cover
Barbra E. Ross

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Suspense
Publication Date: April 27, 2016
One night changed everything for bachelor Justin Bertolli. A womanizer at heart, never quite ready to settle down, he meets the woman who would change his life forever. Ambra Taylor is that woman, but is she all that Justin bargained for?
Told from a male protagonist point of view, A Mortal Indiscretion delivers wholly unique narratives that don’t succumb to the same old recycled concepts. Everything unravels in Justin’s world. Although Ambra is a vampire, she is the vulnerable one of the two characters, providing a refreshing twist on standard tales. She is not waiting for her prince to come save her on his white horse. She simply desires love, to feel human love again and will do anything to protect the love of Justin.
When Justin discovers the truth about who and what she is, will he still love her? Will he still want her? Find out, as their hearts collide in this epic tale of love.
Fabulous book. Out of the ordinary and unusual love story/vampire book. Very well written and a big read which had my attention from the beginning. Love the characters and plot. Was juicy, exciting and hated to put down. Wanted to keep reading and reading but didn’t want the story to end.
– Lettyann Weber, Amazon Reviewer
I have just finished reading this book and I loved it. I was completely captivated by the whole story … The skill of the writer was her ability to make you feel that you were actually watching their romance unfold opposed to reading about it. … If you love a brilliant romance twists and turns along the way, then this is an absolute must read . . . you won’t be disappointed.
– Joy Wood, Amazon Reviewer

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Character Profile
Justin Bertolli

Name: Justin Bertolli

Age: Twenty-nine

Nationality: Italian-American

Current Residence: Manchester, New Hampshire

Occupation: Advertising Sales Executive

Siblings: None

Physical Characteristics: 

Height: 6ft

Weight: 180 pounds

Race: Caucasian/ Italian

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Glasses or contact lenses? No

Shape of Face: Chiseled

Distinguishing features: Bedroom eyes and warm smile

Body style: In good shape, toned.

Mannerisms: Easy-going, positive attitude, talks with his hands, swears often.

Health: In very good health.

Greatest flaw: Inability to commit, can have a hot temper.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

He is confident with himself and around others.

He is intelligent and well mannered. Charismatic personality.

Emotional Characteristics

Strengths: independent, strong, charming, great sense of humor

Weaknesses: impulsive, a player

What motivates this character? 

In the beginning, it is his career. But that all changes when he meets Ambra.

What frightens this character? 

Not a lot frightens Justin. However, he does not like to be lied to, or misled. He does not like to be played for a fool.

What makes this character happy? 

Life and all it offers.

Relationships with other characters:

He has a few close friends. Steve and his wife Lisa are his best friends and have become his family. He has a few acquaintances from childhood. They are Michael and Racheal. He has no living relatives.

Ambra Taylor is the woman he meets and becomes his romantic interest. She becomes his world.

How character is different at the end of the novel from when the novel began: 

Justin starts out as a typical bachelor, playing the field and not settling down. But as his relationship grows with Ambra, he changes into a man. Their relationship is tested and tumultuous, but he learns and changes with these challenges.

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The provocative sequel to A Mortal Indiscretion. Justin must meet and defeat his enemy if only to save his vampire wife, Ambra. But, can he sustain the pain and torture to make it through the hardest test of his immortal life?
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“Definitely the perfect sequel to A Mortal Indiscretion! Just like the first book, there were so many great twists and turns on every page!”
– moe fix it, Amazon reviewer


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About Barbra E. Ross

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Barbra E Ross lives in Michigan and is a nurse by day, lover of fiction at night. When people ask me what my book is about, I pause a moment because it is not so simple to describe. It is a vampire romance, I say and then, I pray that doesn’t scare them away. Because what are books really? I believe that books are a way to escape the daily routines of life.
I wanted to take an ordinary man and put him in fantastic situations. To bring a bit of fantasy down to reality. It is a love story at it’s heart. If I can take the reader on a journey and give them a laugh, cry, or simply bring a smile to their face, then it is all worth it. This story helped me through rough times in my life, and I can only hope it will do the same for the reader.
Official website:
Social media links: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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