Wintersong #2

If you’re a fan like me for Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones, here’s the scoop!

There’s a title for Wintersong #2! And it’s called….



And it’s coming January 30, 2018. Can’t wait! Hope we’ll see more of the Goblin King!

I got all that from the author’s newsletter, so sign up for it if you want immediate news from her.

And here’s some FAQ the author included in her newsletter:

1. Is this a sequel or a companion novel?
It is a sequel, meaning it directly continues Liesl’s story. What happens after [spoiler: highlight to reveal]she leaves the Underground[/spoiler]? This book deals a lot with consequences—of the decisions Liesl makes, but also of choosing to pursue your goals. What are the costs? The price you’re willing to pay for happiness? What does that even mean? (I have no idea. I think I’m writing this book to find out.)

2. Is the book told from Liesl’s POV or someone else’s?
It is still mainly told from Liesl’s POV. Mainly.

3. Will we find out more about previous Goblin Queens?
A bit, although I’m not sure how much lore I can fit into this book and not have it be a thousand pages long (and I write long as it is!). Worldbuilding for this book has been more like a process of discovery than of creation, but then again, that could be said of my writing process in general. 

4. When will we see the cover?
I don’t know but let me tell y’all; I’ve seen it and it is BEAUTIFUL. That’s all I can say for the moment. 


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