Series: Hot in Chicago by Kate Meader

This series is drawing to a close, the third book will be out next year, I think, but it’s such a phenomenal series for me that I can’t help but highlight it.

Series Overview:

The series is about this group of foster siblings, the Dempseys, who all followed their foster father into firefighting in Chicago.

The Books:

This is the prequel to the series, featuring Beck Rivera and Darcy Cochrane.

This introduces the siblings and how they got the tattoos on their arms, but is nothing noteworthy, so it can be skipped.

Review to come soon. 4 stars.

Get it here.


Flirting with Fire is about one of the older Dempseys, Luke Almeida, and Kinsey Taylor. I started here in the series, and it was fun, funny (I laughed out loud several times) and there’s just something compelling about Kate Meader’s writing style that compels you to read onward. Ooh, and it’s also hot hot hot! Alexandra and Gage, the two younger siblings, also feature somewhat here with their eventual partners, Gage more than Alex, and his scene with Brady was hot and raw. If you love  to read mm, you’ll love the glimpses you’ll have of them here and you’ll probably run to get the next novella, which features them.

I really love this book, and I love Luke and Kinsey’s dynamics, except that after Luke and Kinsey hooked up, it seems like they fell off the book as the focus is turned to Gage and Alex. And it was only when Alex did something bad and she needed PR magic that Kinsey and Luke came onto the scene again. I guess they were enjoying their time together, and it’s okay for that to be off-scene, but I think it would’ve been good if the other characters mentioned them once in a while so that readers would be “reminded” of them. And it’s rather unnatural that their relationship wouldn’t be noted or mentioned by any of the siblings, as even Kinsey’s boss knew about them. That said, it’s still a good read. Solid 5 stars!


Brady and Gage’s story. I didn’t read this, so if anyone would like to chime in, please do.

According to the author however, you won’t miss anything if you skip this and go right into the next book, Playing with Fire.



Love it, love it, love it!! Solid 10 stars of hot awesomeness!

Review to come soon.



And so, the last book is Wyatt Fox’s story, Sparking the Fire. Can’t wait!


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