Review: Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh


I’ve heard so much about this series, and ANGELS’ BLOOD far surpassed my expectations! Two thumbs up!

Elena Devereaux, Guild Hunter extraordinaire, was contracted by Raphael, Archangel of New York, to hunt for an archangel gone rogue. While Elena is very good at her job, this is one time she may be in over her head…

Elena is strong, smart, gutsy. She’s got a lot of backbone to be able to stand up to Raphael, who of course admires warrior women. She doesn’t back down from him, especially on things that are important to her, and perhaps that’s what draws Raphael to her, because as a powerful archangel who’s lived for fifteen hundred years, I imagine most humans, vamps and angels are too terrified to say anything against him. One thing that endears Elena to me is her sense of wonder whenever she sees angel wings, and how beautiful she finds them. It makes her relatable, more human and less of that lethal, deadly hunter.

Raphael really doesn’t talk much; he only said what is necessary, and I find that intriguing. Like any hero, he’s powerful and rich and beautiful; magnificent was a word Elena used once. The author also made him just this side of cruel and ruthless, because he’d need to instill fear in people in order to rule. However, he’s not all that gone to the evil side; being with Elena made him a little more human. To his detriment or not?

The scene toward the end, and so as not to spoil things, I’ll just refer to it as the one where Raphael was explaining to Elena about how vampires were Made, was touching and poignant. Ms. Singh sure knows how to use the right words and stage a scene just right to deliver the maximum effect.

The worldbuilding–let’s just say I’m in awe of the worldbuilding. Archangels as rulers of the world? With angels and vampires living alongside humans? Who would have thought it, and that it would work? Moreover, I’m in awe because in my glimpse of book #6, I know the archangels’ powers keep evolving, and so no one could say what would happen to them years later or how they would affect the world in that evolution. And that just leaves so much room for this world to grow, aside from making sure the world doesn’t become static and stale.

ANGELS’ BLOOD is a strong debut into what promises to be an amazing series. I can’t wait to dive into the next book, Archangel’s Kiss, and continue with Elena on her journey with her archangel lover.

Rating: 5 stars

The Romance Review

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Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux is hired by the dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael. But this time, it’s not a wayward vamp she has to track. It’s an archangel gone bad.

The job will put Elena in the midst of a killing spree like no other—and pull her to the razor’s edge of passion. Even if the hunt doesn’t destroy her, succumbing to Raphael’s seductive touch just may. For when archangels play, mortals break.

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