Review: Hungry Heart by Violet Haze


Unique, incredible story

HUNGRY HEART is a serious story, going off in an unexpected direction that seriously tests the bonds between Benedict and Caroline.

Caroline and her boyfriend Nathan are in an open relationship when she meets Benedict, who captivated her. Sparks flew from their mutual attraction, and Caroline enjoys the loving attention of her two men. But when a tragedy occurs, her world is shattered and she has to learn to pick up the pieces…

Despite the characters having an open relationship, the atmosphere in the story is serious, and the open relationship being depicted here is not for titillation. Instead, it’s an essential to show the kind of person Caroline is and the issues she had. Plus, this story shows how people navigate an open relationship, and the complications that might arise from it.

Caroline is a great heroine; her voice is interesting and the narration captivating. The story is told from her first person point of view. She’s 21 in the story, and her actions and behavior reflect her age. She’s one lucky girl for having the love of two men; how many find that in one lifetime?

Benedict, being 9 years older, is her rock, a steady presence in the ups and downs of her life. He’s gorgeous, of course, but I really like Benedict for how patient and supportive he is and for just being there for her whenever she needs him.

Their chemistry together is off the charts, and there are a lot of sex scenes in the story, which are quite graphic and explicit. Sometimes, I wish they could have a conversation together without sex coming into the picture.

Great cast of secondary characters especially her best friend Ethan, for being a true friend, especially when it comes to the things she didn’t want to hear.

The author’s writing flows and makes reading this story a pleasure. While there are some typos and grammatical errors, this didn’t detract from my reading enjoyment.

***minor spoiler alert***

There is, however, one thing that left me puzzling. For me, one of Caroline’s issues–her ability to love herself–seems to come out of nowhere. I also wish we could’ve seen more of her growth and transformation toward the end, instead of being told about it.

Overall, HUNGRY HEART is an incredible, unique story that is worth a read.

Rating: 4 stars

The Romance Review

Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

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Caroline Lowther’s in a long-term open relationship with her boyfriend of nearly four years, Nathan MacMillan. For the past six months, Nathan’s had another girlfriend, Rissa, while Caroline has yet to find anyone else who interests her in a romantic way. That is until Benedict Grant, a local business man in an open-relationship of his own, approaches her at her favorite cafe and makes his own attraction clear.

What follows is a whirlwind romance where two hearts fall fast for one another, secrets kept become desires revealed, and the shocking murder of someone close to Caroline leaves her world shattered and her heart broken. Picking up the pieces, Caroline must learn that life has immeasurable merit, love is worth holding on to even if it’s different than what she’s always thought, and every single moment leads you right to where you need to go.

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