Review: Red Tape Protector by Kathy Kulig


Intriguing blend of BDSM and suspense

RED TAPE PROTECTOR is an innovative blend of BDSM and suspense that makes for a refreshing, intriguing read.

When Alana made a critical mistake in a mission, she wasn’t fired, but was given a choice–to be an assassin or to be eliminated. Hence, even though Alana didn’t like to be an assassin, she had no choice, not if she wanted to live. However, it was hard for her, especially as she was kept in the dark about everything. When Jag, a Dom, became her handler during the training and the mission, things eased a bit as he also became her Dom and lover. But she couldn’t stand it when it seemed Jag was also keeping things from her. Was their relationship doomed to fail before it even started?

Alana shows growth and development over the course of the novel. At the start, she is whiny, impulsive and irritating. And whiny. Oh, did I already say that? Glad to see that she changed and matured as she goes further into her training, becoming this capable young woman that others in the team can depend on. Although, I do have to wonder if that is how they train assassins? I mean, don’t these candidates first go through tests and exams to assess if they have the psychological profile for it before undergoing training? Not that it matters to the story, actually. It’s just something I thought of. 🙂

The story mainly is told from the heroine’s point of view, and we (and the heroine) don’t know much about Jag, except of course that he’s with the Eagle Guard, he’s her handler, he’s a Dom, and that he’s good in combat and leadership situations. I would’ve loved to know more about Jag, and it would have made the resulting use of the L word more believable. Even the characters themselves admit that they don’t know much about each other, and the whole time we saw them they were either under training or on a mission, which is not really much of a gauge of how good (or bad) they would be together in (their) real life.

Apart from the story needing more romance and romantic development, I thought the suspense part was spine-tingling. The best scene for me was when Greg showed her the tape of the terrorist. I thought that was well done–the way it’s written, the intensity of the scene, as well as the heroine’s emotions/reactions–all combined to make a powerful impact. I think that’s when she finally accepted that this is her destiny, her role in the bigger scheme of things.

There’s some very mild BDSM content in the story, hence if you’re not into BDSM or are a new reader to BDSM, this story would be a good fit. Actual rating is 3.5 stars. I’d be interested to read the other books in the series, especially to see the premise of using BDSM sex tapes to create scandals to bring down villainous powerful men.

Rating: 4 stars

The Romance Review

Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

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Sometimes you can’t run away from love… or danger.

RED TAPE PROTECTOR, is a thrilling adventure and sexy romance novel, book 2 from the exciting, new FLC Case Files series, about a White House secret society that features hot, alpha heroes and kick-ass secret agent heroines who use blackmail, coercion and undercover sex scandals to manipulate dangerous and powerful men.

After Alana MacKenna, an agent for a top-secret White House society makes a critical mistake, she’s not fired, she’s given a choice—life as an assassin or be eliminated. Sexy, black-ops agent, Jag Denison, is hired to train Alana for a dangerous, undercover security job she doesn’t want, but must accept. Alana is drawn to her sexy and mysterious handler, but she wants out of this covert operation!

Jag knows just how to break Alana’s resistance in the program. He must use his skills as a Dom. He’s equally skilled at teaching survival techniques as he is in expanding her sexual boundaries. Love and desire take them completely by surprise, but when the true nature of her position is revealed, it could endanger their mission and shatter their world.


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