Fun at the Singapore Night Festival

At Singapore’s Night Festival held over 2 weekends in the last two weeks of August, my friends and I went to join in the fun. There were a ton of activities, and we’re only sorry we couldn’t get to see them all.

On the first Saturday, we watched the Anooki show, which celebrates Singapore’s 50th birthday. It’s a fun show, both adults and children love it, and it’s best watched in person. 🙂 However, here’s a taste:

After that, we went to Pinacotheque de Paris, a museum, and one of the exhibits is about The Myth of Cleopatra. Interesting, right!! I mean, how often do you get to see exhibits about Ancient Egypt? Plus, there’s a treasure hunt!!

I learned a lot of things about Cleopatra that I didn’t know before (been some time since the museum trip so I hope I remembered things correctly. If not, I apologize):

  1. Did you know she’s Greek? She’s a Ptolemy. Her forefathers conquered Egypt and became rulers.
  2. She’s the only Ptolemy who speaks the Egyptian language.
  3. She was only 18 when the Romans seek to conquer Egypt. And so, she has to find ways to protect her country, and that is through an alliance with Julius Caesar, and later, Mark Antony.
  4. She ruled for 20 years.
  5. Though she’s been touted as a very beautiful woman, actually, nobody knows exactly what Cleopatra looks like.

Here are some pics:


Anubis – god of the underworld; usually depicted with a jackal’s head




sphinx – not the actual sphinx but props used in plays



Here’s final picture:

Cleopatra's nose



It’s a game we played actually. Because nobody knows how Cleopatra’s nose looks like, the contestants were asked to pick from several size noses and pin it on the board. We picked a big nose and that’s how Cleopatra would’ve looked like!




We were super tired by the end of the night, because we had to walk the entire exhibit back and forth for the treasure hunt, which is a crossword puzzle with hints and the exhibit to help you solve the puzzle. I believe we did solve the puzzle correctly, but I guess there were lots of contestants and we didn’t win, coz nobody contacted us. But we did have fun and we learned a lot, so the tiredness was worth it!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

The following Saturday, we went again as there were new activities! But sorry, no pictures because we weren’t able to get good ones. Those of us with good phone cameras have no batt left in their phones. Tsk, tsk.

We watched a flamenco dance, a preview for their performance on September 5. We were interested to catch the full show, but in the end didn’t make it.

We had some yummy roasted pork, cooked so good they melt in your mouth and the skin was crunchy. Yum, yum, yum!!! Truly worth the $10 we paid for them and the long queue we stood in line for. Unfortunately, we forgot to get a name card so didn’t know who or where we can catch them again. (I did feel the need for some hot tea afterwards or something to ease the immense amount of fat I consumed.)

And how about some Neh Neh Pop, right??? It’s ice cream with these unique design and flavors.

We had the Milo Dinosaur and the Rocky Road flavors. We all voted for the Milo Dinosaur as the better of the two.

Lastly, we watched the Garden of Angels show. The first part with the singing was a bit boring, but when the crane went into action, that’s when the fun starts! There are these “angels” who start raining down glitter, feathers, etc… The effects were nice as you watch them. For me, I can’t help but think how those women were able to stay up in the air for so long!

Here’s a nice video:


We had a great time and we hope to catch the Night Festival again next year!

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