Series: London Steampunk by Bec McMaster

I love this series! I read books #1.5 to #5 in one go! That’s how addictive it was.






Back tracking a little, there was once a series by a well-known author that shall forever be nameless that everyone was all hyped up about and I had somehow missed the boat because when I knew about her, she was already on book #8 or #9. So, I thought, wow, lots of books to catch up on without having to wait for the next one! Yippee! I started with book #1, moved on to #2, then #3…and somehow, I couldn’t read further. While the names changed, the plot of the books was somehow…the same.

And so I thought it was a queer failing of mine that I can’t see the uniqueness in each book, and that I must leave some time between books in order to appreciate them.

But somehow, it didn’t happen with the London Steampunk series! Each successive book only intensified my appetite for the next one. So, if you haven’t read this series yet, you’re missing out on a lot!






And I’m happy to announce that there’s more to the series!

The next book after book #5, Of Silk and Steam, is Byrnes’ story. Remember him? He was in Garrett and Perry’s book, Forged by Desire. And here’s a treat!

Chapter One! (A very rough draft according to the author, but hey, who’s complaining?)

For your reference, the series (in order):

Book #1: Kiss of Steel     Read review here.
Book #1.5: Tarnished Knight     Read review here.
Book #2: Heart of Iron
Book #3: My Lady Quicksilver
Book #3.5: The Curious Case of the Clockwork Menace
Book #4: Forged by Desire
Book #5: Of Silk and Steam     Read review here.
Book #6: ???


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