Review: Of Silk and Steam by Bec McMaster


Yet another winner for Bec McMaster! She continues to deliver and more in this exciting culmination to the London Steampunk series!

Lady Aramina, Duchess of House Casavian, swore revenge on the man who killed her father. And this man is the Duke of Caine, and if she could hurt him through his son Leo Barrons, so much the better. Yet, she couldn’t deny the attraction between them, and when incriminating evidence against Leo fell into her hands, would she use them to finally have her vengeance?

Mina is a wonderful heroine; she’s delightfully strong and endearingly baffled at the effect Leo has on her. Having waited for Leo’s story for so long, I’m glad to see him have a perfect match in Mina. And if Leo catches your imagination before, you’ll find yourself totally destroyed in this book. He’s the epitome of every young girl’s dream; while exuding strength and raw sensuality, he is also romantic, and best of all, he is kind, in the way he always assures Mina that he has never meant her any harm. And his loyalty to his family, the way he cares for them and willingness to defend them to the death. Definitely a swoon-worthy hero!

Ms. McMaster truly knows the way to a reader’s heart! Not only did she give previous characters cameo roles, but for those close to Leo Barrons—like Blade and Honoria–we see how their lives and Leo’s intertwine, especially the time when Leo sought refuge in the rookeries. They’re almost like secondary characters with meaty roles here (instead of just prancing across the page in a scene or two), and I love it! I wish more authors would do that.

From the first page, Ms. McMaster drew us in to the heart-pounding action and never-ending excitement of Leo and Mina’s story. There was a balanced mix of romance and intrigue, fast-paced action and high sexual tension. Her world is rich with details, and she drew on common myths, gave them a twist and made them her own.

All the events in the previous books of the series are building toward this book. Clues and hints and mysteries that were dropped in the previous books are all tied up neatly here. Series fans definitely shouldn’t miss this! New readers can start here, as enough backstory is given, but really, why miss Ms. McMaster’s fabulous writing and stories? Escape into her world with book 1, Kiss of Steel. I was sorry to see this end, and I wish–hope!–there would be more stories in the London Steampunk world!

Rating: 5 stars

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When her beloved father was assassinated, Lady Aramina swore revenge. The man responsible is well beyond her grasp, but his dangerously seductive heir, Leo Barrons, is fair game. When Mina obtains evidence proving that Leo is illegitimate, she has the means to destroy both the killer and his son, a man who troubles her heart and tempts her body.

A woman of mystery, Mina’s long driven Leo crazy with glimpses of a fiery passion that lurks beneath her icy veneer. He knows she’s hiding something, and he’s determined to unravel her layer by silken layer. He just doesn’t expect the beautiful liar to be the key to overthrowing the corrupt prince consort…or to saving his own carefully walled-off heart.

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