Mini-Reviews: Turn Up the Heat, The Mist-Torn Witches, Seven Princes, Bound by Night and Chained by Night

Been on a reading binge lately, and I thought it might be fun to do mini-reviews for some of the books I’ve read, just listing down my thoughts and opinions. So here goes:

Nothing out of this world, but enjoyable nevertheless. What I like was the romantic development between the main characters, and the scenes of Bellamy’s friendship with Jenna and Holly. You can really feel that they’re best friends. And I like that they’re not there as introduction to their own books in the future. Nope! The next book features some other person. If you like Jill Shalvis, then you’ll like this book. Available in Amazon


Good worldbuilding and characterization. Enjoyed trying to figure out who the villain might be. Either I’m not paying attention or I’m just stupid, but I didn’t guess who the mastermind was. The romance was understated though I’m hoping for more in the next books. Will definitely pick up the next two books! Available in Amazon



I picked up this tome and gleefully envision hours and hours of reading enjoyment. Sadly, I couldn’t get past the Prologue. Terrible, I know. Perhaps I’m not used to that kind of storytelling technique. Or perhaps it’s those names that I have a hard time remembering or pronouncing. It’s fantasy, I know, but still. And that’s just one prince. Think how it would be if I had met the other six princes. All those names…. *shudder* Available in Amazon


You’ll never go wrong with Larissa Ione. Seriously, that woman’s stories just keep getting better and better (save for Reaver and haven’t read Revenant). I normally don’t like to read vampire stories, but she made me forget that Riker and Hunter and the entire Moonbound clan were vampires. I want more of them!

Bound by Night is fabulous; great start to the series with an unexpectedly strong heroine. Love the romantic development between Riker and Nicole, and the twists and turns this story took. Available in Amazon

On the other hand, Chained by Night was a bit disappointing. Perhaps because I had high hopes for this story? I mean, hero wants the girl but he is bound by duty to her sister. And the heroine is considered second class citizen (maybe lowest class) in their clan due to her deformity. Angst and conflict all around. So what went wrong? Maybe because I wish the hero had dared to fight for the heroine when everything and everyone was against them. Later, circumstances out of their control enabled the hero to be with the heroine. Yes, he is being noble and all in not breaking the betrothal contract, but I wish there could have been some declaration on his part at that time to run away with her to the end of the earth, if need be, just so they can be together. As it was, when he finally said those words, it was a bit too late; it wasn’t as romantic anymore. Contrarily, Aylin is a commendable heroine; I can’t believe all that she has suffered. I think she was shortchanged in being paired with Hunter as her mate. Available in Amazon

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