Thursday Rambles: What I Hate About YA Books

I have to admit, with YA books, I read mostly dystopian or fantasy since last year. And the problem with these books is that it’s not enough to tell the story in one book. No, there has to be three books!

And because I started the series when the authors have only the first book out, it’s gonna be tough to wait until the series is completed. Or perhaps I should thank my lucky stars there’s only 3???

I guess I should be happy Death Sworn has only one sequel–DEATH MARKED–and the series is done. Yay! I can’t wait to get into it.

“Leah Cypess grabs the reader from the first page, first paragraph. You identify immediately wtih Ileni, with her fears and hopes and trepidation, and the mystery of her situation draws you in to turn the pages. Moreover, the author layers the clues like tidbits, inexorably drawing the reader forward in a compelling read.” Read more of my review.

I’ve started several YA series, but the first-book-in-the-series that I enjoyed and that I will be hunting down the sequels are:

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