Feature: Fantasy Friday #2 – Waiting (Endlessly) on a Fantasy Book #fantasy #fantasyfridays


I “borrowed” the image and feature from Rinn @ Rinn Reads, who initiated this. Basically, Rinn features something about the genre. I thought it’s fun, as fantasy is also a genre I read and love. I’ll be doing this on a monthly basis, on the second Friday of the month.

In this post, I wanted to talk about the fantasy book I waited endlessly on.

I love series, especially when the world is intriguing and the characters unforgettable, having wormed their way into my heart. Recently though, I’m leery of starting a new series that is not yet complete, because of the chance that the series would not be…well, completed, for one reason or the other.

The fantasy series that left me hanging unmercilessly for completion is the Exiles Series by Melanie Rawn. I tumbled unknowingly into this series when my colleague rented the first two books from a used bookstore near the office. Somehow, the books were marked with water and the bookstore wouldn’t take them back. So, he gave them to me, as he has no use for them anymore.

I loved the story! It’s a matriarchal world, where “the isolated world of Lenfell seemed the perfect refuge for the Mageborn–a people persecuted for their magic powers. But the greater the magic, the greater the peril–and Lenfell was soon devastated by a war between rival Mage factions. Now, long after the war, three Mageborn sisters will find themselves on opposing sides in this world-shattering conflict.”

The story has a good flow, and I love magic! Moreover, the author has a great storytelling technique, as she wove in the mystery of the identity of one of the sisters’ husband. In book two, the youngest sister has a romance with a young man half her age, and up to the end, she still resists him, and this particularly caught my imagination. I have been–and am still waiting–for the third book in the series, which I hope will continue where we are left off in book two.

The author has promised she will continue the book, but thus far, there has been nothing.  Instead, she has written other books, and there are reports that she’s been ill. Personally, I feel the story has grown out of proportion and the author may not know how to bring it to a satisfying conclusion.

Nevertheless, I will still continue to hope that one day, in the near future, I’ll be able to read the final book in the Exiles series, entitled CAPTAL’S TOWER.

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