Thursday Rambles: Cover Mirror: Judging A Book

<Edited 9/29/2018: book cover of Dear Stranger by Elise K Ackers removed due to DMCA notice filed by either publisher or author>

The first time I saw the pic of this couple was when I read Dear Stranger in February 2014, as it was a Valentine’s Day book. I thought the cover was beautiful and perfect for the story. I couldn’t stop looking at the cover, at the sheer joy the two people on the cover have being with each other. My review of the book echoes my sentiment of the cover.

Some time in the latter part of 2014, when I saw this same couple in this same pose on another book cover, I was amused. Does everyone (or at least the artist) feel the same way I do? Sorry, I forgot the title of the book, and I didn’t think to check if it was the same artist re-using his stash of stock photos.

This year was the third time I saw this same couple in this same pose on yet another book cover (check out the right side for the cover of Slow and Steady Rush), and I was ready to throw up. Again?! Is there a dearth of stock photos featuring romantic couples? Enough already!

Take note I’ve got nothing against these books.

The thing is, I understand how hard it is to have a unique cover. Photo shoots involve huge expense that self-pub authors can’t afford. Small pubs probably can’t afford it either. But the funny thing is, the two books featured here are put out by two of the big pubs–Harlequin (Dear Stranger) and St Martin’s Press (Slow and Steady Rush). One would’ve thought they’d put more effort into the covers, seeing as how they already invested a lot in editing, distribution, marketing, etc. But I guess the big pubs are cost-cutting, too, especially in these times when thousands of books are flooding the market each month and the reader’s $ is stretched thin as it is.

However, a cover is the first thing a reader sees. For me, it certainly is a factor in my decision to click on the book to read the summary/description. So, reusing stock photos is fine, but I think it should be done with greater care to make it unique and deserving of the book it is representing.

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