Looking back on 2014

This blog may have started in 2015, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything before that! 🙂 I’ve never done an end of year survey before, but I realize I should note down what I’d done or else…it would be as if I hadn’t done anything at all!

Though I have records in my spreadsheet, I’ve never listed it down on my blog before. So, here’s a simple count from 2012.


Total Books Read: 130 (Novella: 43)

Reviews Written: 76


Total Books Read: 104 (Novella: 33)

Reviews Written: 73


Total Books Read: 81 (Novella: 19)

Reviews Written: 54

Looks like I was really busy in 2014 if I can’t even hit 100 books a year.

The genres read are mostly romance, but I discovered some really good YA,  NA, and chick lit, such as Love Like the Movies (chick lit), Death Sworn (YA), Stolen Songbird (YA), Make It Count (NA), Isn’t She Lovely (NA) and The Jewel (YA).

2015 releases I most anticipate: the next installment in Karen Robards’ Dr. Charlotte Stone series


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